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How to Avoid a snake bite
Old 12-16-2012, 03:00 PM
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Default How to Avoid a snake bite

If you are hiking or going to be spending time in an area where there are known to be poisonous snakes then it is imperative to follow snake avoiding precautions. Snakes arenít looking to bite you but will when startled.

Hereís what you need to know to keep snakes at bay.

You Will Need

* Boots
* Pants
* Tent with a working zipper
* Caution
* Walking stick (optional)

Step 1: Make noise

Make noise while youíre walking in the woods. Step heavily to make the ground vibrate and scare snakes away.

Step 2: Protect your legs

Wear long pants and tall boots when you are hiking or camping. They will protect your feet and legs from snakes as well as insects.

Step 3: Stay on the trail

Stay on the trail when hiking. Donít wander off into the brush or tall grass where snakes may lie hidden.

If you canít avoid tall grasses or brush, use a walking stick as a feeler for the ground in front of you.

Step 4: Keep your tent zipped

Pitch your tent in a clearing away from potential nesting sites, including tall grass, logs, boulders, and brush. Keep your tent zipped tight at all times.

Step 5: Donít reach into dark places

Donít reach into dark places where snakes might be sleeping or hiding, including rock crevices and hollow logs. Be careful when moving rocks or gathering firewood.

Remember that not all snakes stay on the ground. Some can slither up trees and hang from low branches.

Step 6: Donít touch it

Donít touch a snake if you come across one Ė dead or alive. If it doesnít slither away, go around it.

Some dead snakes still have a bite reflex, so donít mess around.

Step 7: Donít panic

Donít panic if you are bitten. Wash the wound and get to a doctor immediately if you suspect the snake might be poisonous.

The Gaboon Viper, an African snake, has fangs that grow up to 2 inches, longer than any other snakes


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