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How to Clean a dog's ears of dirt and wax
Old 11-16-2012, 01:32 PM
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Default How to Clean a dog's ears of dirt and wax

Your*mother used to remind you to wash behind your ears now make sure you keep your dog in tip top health and clean their ears too. Dogs depend a lot on their hearing but can build dirt and wax in and around their ears which can be irritating or lead to infection.

Help*your pet avoid ear infections and expensive trips to the veterinarian by keeping their ears clean.

You*Will Need

* * Cotton balls
* * Ear cleaning solution

Step*1: Gather your supplies in one place

Gather*your cotton balls, ear cleaning solution, and treats in one spot so that you can easily get to them while cleaning your dogís ears.

Step*2: Clean the inside surface of their ear flap

Wet*a clean cotton ball with the ear cleaning solution. Lift your dogís ear flap, and clean the inside surface. Wipe only the area that you can see and easily reach.

Step*3: Squirt cleaner in the ear canal; massage ear for 30 seconds

Squirt*the ear cleaning solution into your dogís ear canal. Use your fingers to massage the base of your dogís ear for 30 seconds, swishing the solution around inside their ear canal.

Step*4: Let your dog shake his head

Step*back, and let your dog shake their head to get rid of the excess solution in their ear canal.

Clean*your dogís ears weekly if they have floppy ears. Basset Hounds, Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, and other droopy-eared dogs are more prone to infections.

Step*5: Dry ear with a clean cotton ball

Dry*your dogís ear with a clean cotton ball. Be careful to dry only the portion you can see, and stop if you feel any resistance. Donít push too far into their ear canal or you could cause damage.

Donít*use cotton swabs, like Q-tips, to clean inside your dogís ear canal. You could rupture their ear drum or push debris deeper into the ear.

Step*6: Repeat in other ear

Repeat*the cleaning process in your dogís other ear. Clean your dogís ears frequently to avoid smelly ears and ear infections.


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