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  1. How to Cheat five bucks from your friends with this flammable bar trick
  2. How to Perform the leaning coke can trick and balance a coin on a dollar bill
  3. How to Make magical handheld fireballs (that won't burn) with common household items
  4. How to Make a balloon float two different ways without using helium
  5. Make a Spoon Disappear
  6. My God, It's Pure, Unadulterated Magic! Suspending Water Without the Cup
  7. Make Liquid Smoke In a Glass (Best Bar Trick EVER)
  8. How to Turn two pennies into a fun little roller
  9. How to Turn a plain thumbtack into a spinning top
  10. How to Perform the what's next magic trick
  11. How to Convince your friends they're psychic with this cool magic trick
  12. How to Tear up a piece of paper and have it magically be restored
  13. How to Perform the match drop trick and win a free drink
  14. How to Perform the house of nails bar trick
  15. How to Perform the hot seat card magic trick
  16. How to Perform a pen and coin magic trick for kids
  17. How to Perform the cups and balls magic trick
  18. How to Pull tons of paper out of your hand with this magic trick
  19. How to Perform the torn and restored bill magic trick
  20. How to Perform the vanishing coin trick
  21. How to Perform this cool magic tricks with no props
  22. How to Perform the jumping ring trick
  23. How to Make your magic tricks appear original
  24. How to Perform the dime in a bottle bar trick
  25. How to Perform the instant freezing beer bottle trick
  26. How to Do the balancing forks bar trick to win a free drink
  27. How to Perform 4 great bar tricks with 1 beer bottle
  28. How to Perform the liquid transfer bar trick
  29. How to Win a free drink with this coin in a glass bar trick
  30. How to Perform the penetrating toothpick trick
  31. How to Win a free drink with this dollar under bottle bar trick
  32. How to Win free drinks with a copper coin stack trick
  33. How to Perform the amzaing alternate beginner card trick
  34. How to Perform a vanishing coin trick with a glass and a coin
  35. How to Perform the double knockout card trick
  36. How to Perform the "Synapse" and enhance your card-handling skills as a magician
  37. How to Perform the "RockIt" fluorish and add to your card-handling magic skills
  38. How to Make a deck of cards disappear
  39. How to Breathe fire safely and impressively using corn starch
  40. How to Win free drinks with this crafty nut in a bottle bar trick
  41. How to Win free drinks with Scam School's 'penetrating straws' bar trick.
  42. How to Win free drinks with two slick matchbox bar tricks from Scam School
  43. How to Perform an easy self-working gambling card trick
  44. How to Perform an easy magic trick with a coat hanger and a coin
  45. How to Do the Deck Divination Effect mentalism magic trick
  46. Learn 10 Awesome Science Tricks in 4 Minutes
  47. How to Do a Russian Roulette vodka trick at a party
  48. How to Perform Criss Angel's Metamorphosis magic trick
  49. How to Perform the "coin bend" magic trick
  50. How to Perform the floating dollar bill magic trick
  51. How to Bite a quarter and spit it back together
  52. How to Perform the 3 card monte magic trick
  53. The Magically Shrinking Chair
  54. How to Do the Matching Mates beginner self-working card magic trick
  55. How to Create a cool illusion with two twisted wires
  56. How to Do the Healed n' Sealed magic trick
  57. How to Trick someone with a bottle cap, an empty bottle, and air
  58. How to Do the Japanese shoelace tying trick without hands
  59. How to Do the dematerializing coin trick
  60. How to Eat Fire (And Look Damn Good Doin' It)
  61. How to Levitate any object
  62. How to Do the magic Hindouble card trick
  63. How to Perform "the coin fold" trick
  64. How to Link rubber bands trick
  65. How to Separate two glasses without touching them
  66. How to Perform brusspup's "Amazing Shampoo Trick"
  67. How to Perform brusspup's "Infinity Mirror" illusion
  68. How to Perform brusspup's "Amazing Dragon Illusion"
  69. How to Perform the "Amazing Stick Trick"
  70. How to Perform the "Sybil" top-packet retention card trick
  71. How to Perform the "Message Morph" card trick
  72. How to Do an easy false cut when performing card tricks
  73. How to Perform regular and double card fans
  74. How to Perform Doc Eason's "All Screwed Up" prop trick routine
  75. How to Present the same effect 3 different ways when performing card tricks
  76. How to Perform the "down and dirty" card trick
  77. How to Perform the "Symmetry" card flourish trick
  78. How to Palm like a professional magician when performing card tricks
  79. How to Perform the "The Ten of Hearts" card trick
  80. How to Impress your friends with an easy ACAAN card trick
  81. How to Perform the "Impromptu" mentalism card trick
  82. How to Perform the "Amazing 13" card prediction trick
  83. How to Perform the "The Deck Knows" card trick
  84. How to Perform the "Interactive Switch" card trick
  85. How to Perform the "Killer Instinct" mentalist card trick
  86. How to Perform the "Interactive Flip" card trick
  87. How to Perform an ACAAN card trick with two decks & Si Stebbins stack
  88. How to Perform the "Force Factor" card trick
  89. How to Perform the "Interactice Synchronicity" card trick
  90. How to Perform the "Alternating Prediction" card trick
  91. How to Perform a double-card-selection card trick
  92. How to Perform the "Two Card Location" card trick
  93. How to Impress your friends with an easy math-based card trick
  94. How to Perform the "Not Playing with a Full Deck" card trick
  95. How to Perform an amazing "WTF" magic card trick (using mathematics)
  96. How to Perform an amazing disappearing coin trick (with a long sleeve shirt)
  97. How to Do card tricks: "Mismag822" card trick revealed
  98. How to Use chemicals to turn water into wine for a magic trick
  99. How to Do the 5 ball transitions to 6 x 4 in juggling
  100. How to Do the "Three Aces" card trick
  101. How to Do the "Emerge Triumphunt" magic card trick
  102. How to Do the Twisted Sister card magic trick
  103. How to Make your own disappearing ink
  104. How to Tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue
  105. How to Link two paper clips together using a folded dollar bill
  106. How to Perform a "ghost coin" magic trick
  107. How to Make an egg carton disappear with a little acetone liquid
  108. How to Do the amazing pencil pierce trick on a plastic bag filled with water
  109. How to Make a metronome-style rocking (and burning) candle apparatus
  110. How to Magically levitate in the air with a box and mirror
  111. How to Perform Criss Angel's color changing deck trick
  112. How to Do a classic beginner's magic card trick
  113. How to Perform a mystifying mind control trick using the number 9
  114. How to Perform a convincing false riffle shuffle
  115. How to Do card tricks: "Four Cards" trick
  116. How to Do the Hindouble magic card trick
  117. How to Break a glass bottle with your bare hands
  118. How to Do the Presto Printo card trick
  119. How to Use cards as Tarot cards with Peter John
  120. How to Do the "6-1-5" juggling stunt
  121. How to Do the Soulmates card trick
  122. How to Do the Math-0-matics math trick
  123. How to Do three color-changing card tricks
  124. How to Do the Inv-ACE-able card trick
  125. How to Do the "split the card deck" magic card trick
  126. How to Do the Whoops You Missed It magic card trick
  127. How to Do the Imprint card trick
  128. How to Do the 4 Kings magic card trick
  129. How to Perform the instant sort card trick with ease
  130. How to Perform a cool card prediction party trick
  131. How to Properly perform the "this 'n that" card trick
  132. How to Perform the "your name is the key" card trick
  133. How to Do the "Fork and Apple" trick
  134. How to Make a juggling prop rack
  135. How to Do a "David Zanthor" card trick
  136. How to Do the Hamman count card trick
  137. How to Do the Jordan count card trick
  138. How to Do the "Quick as a Wink" card trick
  139. How to Cut cards (shuffle cards) with one hand
  140. How to Do the Jumpin' Gemini card trick
  141. How to Make a marked card deck for doing card tricks
  142. How to Perform the "ultimate transportation two" card trick
  143. How to Do a flashy croupier cut
  144. How to Defy gravity with a water trick
  145. How to Do the "jacks who would be queens" card trick
  146. How to Break your finger off and eat it for a trick
  147. How to Split an apple in half with one finger
  148. How to Perform the classic card spitting trick
  149. How to Predict the outcome of a coin toss when you flip
  150. How to Do a bottle cap hand-swap trick
  151. How to Shoot a plastic bottle cap high into the air
  152. How to Do a cool coin flip switch magic trick
  153. How to Do the false riffle card shuffle
  154. How to Do the Siva count card trick
  155. How to Easily perform a levitation trick
  156. How to Perform an amazing 'color changing four' card trick
  157. How to Perform an amazing '4 of the same' magic card trick
  158. How to Perform basic card and coin magic tricks
  159. How to Make a card levitate
  160. How to Perform a mind reading heads/tails trick
  161. How to Do the Elmsley card count
  162. How to Perform the color change card trick
  163. How to Do the key card magic trick
  164. How to Do the finger palm coin vanish trick
  165. How to Force cards when performing card tricks
  166. How to Preform a hilarious card trick
  167. How to Perform an easy beginner's card trick
  168. How to Do the Criss Angel disappearing coin trick
  169. How to Do Aldo Colombini's " Fast Food" card trick
  170. How to Perform the prediction card trick
  171. How to Do a simple contact juggling isolation
  172. How to Do magic with a Rubik's cube & make a card boomerang
  173. How to Do the card switch slight
  174. How to Do the auto reversal magic card trick
  175. How to Do the gimmicked card color change trick
  176. How to Do the Chinese sticks magic trick
  177. How to Do the card on a rope magic trick
  178. How to Do an easy self working card trick
  179. How to Perform the "Rock Star" Zippo trick
  180. How to Do a hand flip trick with a Zippo lighter
  181. How to Do the "Top Pop" trick with a Zippo lighter
  182. How to Do the "Hot Swing" trick with a Zippo lighter
  183. How to Do the "Bar Slide" trick with a Zippo lighter
  184. How to Do the "Smack Light" trick with a Zippo lighter
  185. How to Do the "Pants Strike" trick with a Zippo lighter
  186. How to Perform the "Flesh Torch" Zippo lighter trick
  187. How to Do the "Twilight Zone" Zippo lighter trick
  188. How to Perform the "Double Snap" Zippo lighter trick
  189. How to Perform the "Flick Spin Flick" Zippo lighter trick
  190. How to Perform the "Drop Spark" Zippo lighter trick
  191. How to Perform the "Ferris Wheel" Zippo lighter trick
  192. How to Light your Zippo super fast with a "Lightspeed" trick
  193. How to Do the "Hot Hand" Zippo lighter trick
  194. How to Light & extinguish your Zippo flame with your hands
  195. How to Perform the "Hot Shoulder" trick using a Zippo lighter
  196. How to Be ready to perform a magic trick anytime, anywhere
  197. How to Perform complicated looking magic tricks anywhere
  198. How to Perform tons of cool magic tricks at the dinner table
  199. How to Perform a prank using dish soap & pepper
  200. Get Mind-Screwed: The Grand Illusion of the Year
  201. How to Perform the German magic trick "Salt Game"
  202. How to Perform an extremely cool trick using Red Bull
  203. How to Do double vertical wrist rolls
  204. How to Remove paper from between a bottle & coin seamlessly
  205. How to Perform the "Flip the Winning Hand" card trick
  206. How to Perform the "Metamorphosis" card trick
  207. How to Perform the "Serenade of the Kings" card trick
  208. How to Perform the "Joker Sandwich" card trick
  209. How to Perform the "Clockwork" card prediction magic trick
  210. How to Perform a triple threat card trick
  211. How to Perform the coin matrix magic trick
  212. How to Perform the mother of all card tricks
  213. How to Balance 10 nails on top of one single nail
  214. How to Fool people with the 2 wine cork bar trick
  215. How to Perform a magic bar trick with a cloth napkin
  216. How to Perform the hand on body magic trick
  217. How to Put a hole in a dollar bill big enough to fit a body
  218. How to Build a scaffold out of a dollar bill and win bets
  219. How to Pick up a glass or beer bottle with only a straw
  220. Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
  221. How to Balance a penny on a hanger and spin it
  222. How to Pick up a shot glass using only the palm of your hand
  223. How to Do the "3 knife scaffold trick" and win bar bets
  224. How to Perform a bar trick using a bandana or cloth napkin
  225. How to Perform a self lighting candle trick
  226. How to Make a cigarette or straw magically roll across a bar
  227. How to Do the ring and chain trick
  228. How to Balance a toothpick, forks and objects on a toothpick
  229. How to Remove a cork from inside a bottle
  230. How to Do the whiskey versus water bar trick to win bets
  231. How to Perform a levitating glass card trick
  232. How to Perform an amazing 'pick a card' magic trick
  233. How to Shotgun a beer using just your finger
  234. How to Make a beverage vanish into thin air with Trickbusters
  235. How to Magically guess a random sentence from a book
  236. How to Make tap water glow in color coming out of the tap
  237. How to Make a beer bottle explode by tapping it
  238. How to Saw through your neck with floss like Criss Angel
  239. How to Make a magic wallet out of paper
  240. How to Perform the pen pentrating real money magic trick
  241. How to Make a normal coin vanish in your bare hands
  242. How to Tie your cigarette in a knot and still smoke it
  243. How to Perform a smoking fingers party trick
  244. How to Make three stars in one with a single rubber band
  245. How to Make a soda or beer can balance on its side
  246. How to Push a coin through the bottom of a glass
  247. How to Perform a coin penetration magic trick
  248. How to Open any beer bottle with a piece of normal paper
  249. How to Perform an amazing magic toothpick trick
  250. How to Stump everyone in the bar with a cork trick